Factors to Consider When Choosing Exterior Window Shutters

Window shutters can be used for aesthetic and functional reasons. Interior window shutters are often used for decorative purposes, whereas external window shutters are often used for protection from elements, to control light and for privacy. Consider the following factors when choosing materials for exterior window shutters.

Weight of material
Depending on the type of window shutter, you need to consider the weight of the material to be used. A window shutter that will be supported by hinges needs to be durable and light so that it cannot damage the wall due to its heaviness. The most common materials used to make window shutters are wood, PVC, iron, fiberglass, and aluminum. Wood window shutters are suitable in areas that are not very wet since they rot easily; this, however, can be prevented by treating the wood before it is used. Composite shutters are often preferred over wood because they are more resistant to rotting, twisting and splitting.

The function of the window shutter plays an important role regarding choice of material. Materials to be used can either be opaque translucent or transparent. The type of material determines the amount of light that will be allowed in the room. Window shutters can be used to regulate sunlight and add aesthetic value to your home. Window shutters used for ventilation need to have enough airspace and strategically fixed to ensure proper aeration.

Choose the window shutter depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend. Constructing a home is quite costly, and you may want to reduce any unnecessary costs that can be avoided. Also, consider the availability of the materials to avoid incurring extra costs regarding transportation and import duties as you read more about shutters.

Choose the type of window shutter depending on your location. This is mainly because of the difference in climate and weather patterns. Extremely hot areas require window shutters that can absorb heat and have a cooling effect on the house. On the other hand, you need to use material that contracts and expands appropriately in areas that have extreme temperature fluctuations in a day. Choose rust resistant materials in areas that are humid throughout the year.

Window shutters can be used to make a building look appealing depending on how they are used. You can go here and  play with different textures, patterns, colors and shapes to make the windows look attractive and interesting. Select window shutters that are robust and durable to have value for your money.

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